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    Betty LaVette

    Brenda Wilson
    Jackie Wilsons Daughter

    Melba Moore

    Gerald Alston


    Carla Cooke and LC Cooke
    Sam Cookes Daughter and Brother

    Denise Lasalle


    Jamie Bradford
    Song Writer - Motown

    Joe Jackson

    Spyder Turner

    Bubby Knight
    Glady's Knight and the Pipps

    Robert Bateman
    Producer - Motown

    Carl Carton



    Dennis Edwards Temptations
    Donnie Simpson - Radio/TV

    Dionne Warwick



    Solomon Conner and Darryl Jackson

    Sweet Inspirations
    Elvis Presley Backup Singers

    Trey Stone
    Musician and Song Writer

    John Conyers

    To help promote the awareness of the National Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame, a Mobile Museum has been created.  This innovative traveling exhibit housing memorabilia spanning the era of R&B and other music Jazz and the Blues will travel throughout the country setting up at various locations such as libraries, schools, churches, and special events. The mobile museum is an educational approach to present historical artifacts to areas of the country that would not have heard about the Experience Center and would pique the interest of potential tourist that may visit the actual facility.

    We have collected rare treasures from the various eras of music history. Such items include rare photos, original documents, artist stage wardrobes, and many more unique items that have been donated by the artist, their estate or their families.

    Our every growing collection will be an unparalleled representation of any music memorabilia collection. These original items which mostly have been donated cover the beginnings of R&B from the early days to the present.

    Design of the Future Mobile Museum