Induction Process

The National Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame Foundation are committed to maintaining a fair non-discriminatory selection process of individuals nominated and selected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The nominees are selected by a panel of industry leaders and are chosen for induction by an approved process of the Hall of Fame founders and leaders.

We understand that there are many individuals that are well deserving of the honor and recognition, and we hear from our many fans about who we should induct. Understand that there is a process and there are hundreds of potential industry greats that we will induct, so all we request is that you keep supporting us.

Performance nominees must have had their first commercial release at least 20 years ago. DJs, Radio Stations, record labels, and record companies must have been in business at least 20 prior to nominations. Must also have national or international recognition, radio airplay, and a significant number of sales.


  • Solo Artists 
  • Singing Groups 
  • Bands 
  • Musicians 
  • Songwriters / Producers / Managers / Arrangers  
  • DeeJays
  • Media 
  • Founders / CEO / Presidents  
  • Radio Stations / Clubs / Theaters 
  • Record Label / Record Company


  • The LaMont D. Robinson Founders Award  
  • The Aretha Franklin Lifetime Achievement Award 
  • The Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame Living Legend Award
  • The Mary Wilson Global Music Industry Award 

The Nomioned classes will be announced in the month of February every year, and the finals will be announced every April. The Induction ceremonies will be held in late August.

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