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The museum collections and exhibition materials represent a wide variety of music history that will advance an understanding of this human experience  We will become a major resource and help foster an informed appreciation of the rich and diverse culture we live in. It is also incumbent upon us to preserve this inheritance for future generations. The Museum will also provide research, scholarships, publications, and educational activities. Its programs will further the museum's mission and will be responsive to the interests and needs of our visitors.

Our exhibits are professionally researched for credibility and designed according to a carefully drawn-out comprehensive timeline. Most exhibits center on the evolution of Rhythm and Blues and its impact on our world. Exhibits communicate the rich story of the genre's formation in detail to satisfy the varying interests of the general public and scholars.

Our educational programs will include tours, classroom curricula, a variety of special events, lectures, and publications, including in-house newsletters, books, and journals. The central focus of the Museum's educational programming will be to broaden music literacy within a historical context, relating the evolution of R&B to the human needs that drive it, and the resulting changes that it brings to humanity.

It will be an outstanding resource for public schools. The youth programs are designed to complement established school room curricula, presenting factual, yet exciting, interactive examples of the benefits of music education. The educational effort is not limited to the secondary and elementary school years but extended to a wide range of audiences by age, background, and interest, from continuing education events for technical presentations.

Through keeping content and themes fresh, we hope to attract and maintain repeat visitors.